A life once lost started off as a band you would talk about. Vadim, rich and tj then decided to take that dream and turn it into something more, something real. The acquired brian on guitar and got two songs down. Their was a long break between the members and nothing was really done or said about the band. Doug was then brought into the band to fill in where brian left off. As time went on, they got mike from scarred for life to sing for them. As time progressed, mike left the band and a life once lost was again without a singer. Doug tried to sing and play guitar but it just didnt work out. They then asked bob with no former experience to try out. Three hours later, they played their first show together. After the show, bob was asked to sing for the band. As of this point, the band has been asked to play many shows throughout the summer with such acts as fall on deaf years, murdock, the cable car theory, try fail try, all else failed, plus many other great bands. A life once lost wants to thank bj for hooking up our first show ever. We also want to thank fall on deaf years, this day forward, and never forever for being such great friends and musicians. For any questions or comments e-mail me or call me at (215)633-0130. For booking e-mail peter.

- Bob

a life once lost is...

bob vocals . vadim guitar . doug guitar . rich bass . tj drums