august 21, 1999...

one of jd's last shows ever was last night. so much emotion and he played with everything in his heart. i cried for like a minute cause i just met this kid three months ago and now he is leaving. we did a lot together, like stealing street signs and DA BREW CREW. i am going to miss you man.

well, the show went ok last night. snatch, amertume, the pain within, fillament, a life once lost, bazhena, audience of one, maharahj, and this day forward ended up playing this show. it was very crazy and one of the most organized shows that i have done in a very long time i must say.

october 22 is a sofa records and breakeven records show case that will be held at the yardley community center. the bands playing this show will probably be redeem and pink daffidols from sofa and days away and audience of one from breakeven. this is still being worked on so it is not yet confirmed.

last night i split my head open. blood was everywhere. why i did this, the wolrd will never know. i just really got into the music and then smashed the mic into my face twice! i felt this warm sensation all over my face, and then went to touch my head. F, there is blood all over my face.but we continued to play then show went on really good.

we had two shows tonight but i doubt we can play any of them. doug has work from 5:00 to close which sucks but what can you do. we will probably play grahams going away party but not the levittown ymca show. audience of one are playing the show at grahams and levittown ymca.

thanx to dougs brother mike who filled in for vadim even though vadim did come back. he played two songs with us last night and played them pretty F-en good too. thanx.

maharahj! what an awesome band. i also take chances on bands that i have never seen or heard but i cuaght these guys on loudnet the other day and i have to say, WOW! tenchnical metal at its best. these kids where everywhere and this was there first show of the tour as well. they are going to be coming back and playing in charlene's basement for the going away party of one jd foster. has directions.

about sun rise did come out with 37 pages behind it as well. you can order them from jd foster. they are only $3 and contain stuff from kids in bands that have some kind of emotion toward life or death. check "about sun rise" and audience of one.

we are going in to record tuesday, the 24th. hopefully three songs. the demo should be done within a week now. they will be for sale at the september 5th show with commin correct & mushmouth. email for more information on the show.

i just want to thank everyone in a band that played. pete for helping me out with the fest. ron and the sound crew for letting the kids be rock stars for a night. jd and audience of one for playing 9/4! and tom from days away and jd from audince of one for running out with me. thanx to pete for this cool design that will be on the page in a while. thanx to everyone who supports a life once lost. thanx.

- bob