August 28, 1999...

uhh, were shall i start?

this has been a very emotional and busy week for a life once lost. monday night was the farewell show to jd foster of audience of one. a very honest and caring friend, jd will be missed amongst his friends and family. anthony and jd helped out with vocals for the a life once lost demo that will be for sale at our shows coming up. i just want to thank jd and the time he wasted on me. thanx.

we finally finished recording. it sounds really good and it will be a three song demo instead of a five. the three songs are incredible. the vocals truned out amazing and the prodtuction of it was very good as well. thanx to vince and the other four members of a life once lost for giving me something i should be proud of. demos will be for sale for about $2 at the upcoming shows.

we have a bunch of shows coming up so please, check out the show page and try to come to one. if you are looking to book a life once lost, email peter and he will take care of that. he will be doing our tour as well, so good luck to him.

this is a new poem i just wrote since we really have nothing to talk about in this addition of a life once lost news...

"empty eyes & hands"

pulling him away from his love




but he wanted to see you hurt

and he got his wish

laughing as you cried

laughing in such a high voice

children cried aloud.

but you sat there

with empty eyes

and empty hands

we just wrote this new song called disease that contains only one line. "i would love for you to die" meaning...this is for all the people that told me that i could never be anything. i wish they would leave, they would just die. this is the meaning, plain and simple.

rich is taking care of the shirts and stickers so if you are interested, email him.

thanx and i hope to see you at a show soon.