December 30, 1999...

well, we just got back from our two day tour with this day forward. it was a ton of fun.

before we left, we had a show with the swarm, all else failed, and so it begins and audience of one at the killtime in west philadelphia. the show went great. every band played awesome. the swarm had members of acrid, left for dead, and the almighty chokehold. all else failed played simply wonderful but lack of movement the crowd was used to, made some kids leave in disgust. and so it begins was playing their second show i think. not to shabby. grind with some punk and hardcore riffs, i liked it. their bass player quit the day of the show. that sucks. audience of one opened the show and played simply wonderful.

uhh, we left on the 26th of december with fifteen kids just looking to have some fun. we arrived in wilkes barre two hours later.we met up with bob mac and the COLLENBROOK CREW greated us with smiles and a punch to the gut! the assistant played and was on tour as well. they had to drive to virginia and then to florida for two shows. carlisle's last ever but i might be mistaken. anyway, they were awesome. i heard a couple new songs but i might be mistaken. their new eight song cd comes out in a month, make sure you get it. this day forward played a good set. golens guitar was out of tune must of the set but the feeling was their. we played a really good set. doug and the bear were kicking each other, that was funny. anyway, our time closed the show. how can i label these guys? well, they opened with an awesome riff and then bob mac started screaming his head off. all of the sudden, they were on the ground, rolling, kicking, and screaming. simply awesome. the entire set consisted of that. AWESOME!

we slept at some kids kevin house. we met one of his roomates johnson, who was an awesome artist. we hung out all night. around 12:00, hell as we know it, began. keith and myself began yelling, "NAKED!" it went on for three hours. then the bubbly and bounce begand to take over for nother hour and a half. for the four and a half hours of naked bubbly, their was atleast twenty punches thrown, a blow up kane doll thrown, and two hours of simpson episodes watched. we woke up to the lovely sounds of faces of death and bald beavers. haha.

the 27th of december. we began by driving to albany. it only took about three hours which i was really surprised at. we arrived about an hour before everyone. everyone arrived and we broke into the place were we would be playing the show. i wasted three dollars worth of quarters on video games. the show was then ready to begin. halo effect played their first show. not to bad. they need some more practice time but they were really good. we played i think the better of our two shows that night. after our set, we sold about seven cds. i think the most we sold without the bear going over and shoving them down peoples throats. this day forward played great. i didn't get a chance to see them due to the fact i watched the distro the entire set. the sounded really good though. where fear and weapons meet played and didn't look comfortable until we started an old school CIRCLE PIT! the judas factor played rather well. have seen them play better though. rob rish's little baby was singing along too. it was awesome. the end finally arrived six hours later and their set was full of blood, wwf wrestling, headlocks, and the worlds biggest mosh pit. it was good to see these guys live again.

after the show, we hung out with the end, and rob fusco's little brother, mark. we went to denny's and hung out for like an hour and a half. it was fun and the food was good so i was happy. doug drove home and i slept so i was happy.

the tour was a lot of fun. it was good to be away from home and playing for new faces. thanx to bob and judd for the shows and kevin for the place to stay. thanx to coxsokie (sp) for being a cool name for a town.

our full lnegth cd should be coming out sooner then we expected. we are recording in late february and will now be the first release on engine recordings. it will be NINE SONGS. this is the last time we are changing our minds about that. it should be out in may. we have our fingers crossed on that one.

we have a show this thursday with diecast, where fear and weapons meet, this day forward, as we grow and pain within. the show is at the killtime so come out and show your support.

i am now planning the summer tours so keep your eyes opened for that.


- Bob.