January 26, 2000...

well, i am here listening to spitfire and just surfing the web when i came across our page and decided to update everyone on what is going on in the world of a life once lost...

our cd...should be out in mid may. jacob bannon will be doing our layout and we are recording at skylight studios where vince ratti will produce it. there should be nine songs of complete destruction. the title is "open your mouth for the speechless, in the case of those appointed to die"

our van...we should our van by this weekend. just in time for a show at penn state delco. it is a cancer benefit as well so come out. but anyway, we have a van now and will be playing more out of state shows now which will kick some major ass.

our shows...go to the show page and check them out. we have a bunch coming up including another two day tour to wilkes barre and albany. we are playing with zao!

our merchandise...we should have shirts by some of these shows. hopefully you grabbed one of vadim's or doug's. they both were awesome. very funny stuff. we should have more great ones and shirts from engine sometime soon.

our page...we are going to update everything for you guys too. some new stuff for the links page, thoughts, and maybe some new pictures but i doubt it. keep your eyes pealed.


- Bob.