July 10, 1999...

ok. we had a show yestarday and it got shut down my the owners of the home. what the fuck. this guy comes in with a cast on his leg and threatens us. "i am going to kill all you mother fuckers!" this guy has a cast and a crutch and he is yelling at 16 year old kids like that. TOUGH GUY! so al from as we grow called his mommy, who makes really cool things with metal, and asked if a life once lost, the pain within, this day forward, and Fall on Deaf Years could finish the show there. she said yes and away we went. we had a fifteen car carivan going to this kids house and i would have to say, every second was a blast. we are almost their and then the this day forward crew wants to play bumber cars and they all get into an accident. the only damage was to mike and some kids car. shaws converge sticker was scratched so he was going to kill but we talked him out of it. after a half an hour at the scene of the bumber car rally, we went back to al's house to get tj and leave but al talked us into playing. the pain within were very very good. this was the band i was supposed to sing for and now keith nolan from as one records is singing. Fall on Deaf Years were amazing again. as we grow played as well, and they covered this day forward. OHH MY GOD! it was really funny. but other then almost getting killed forty times in jersey, the show was fun and i would do it again and again.

well, we are recording on july 20 and if anyway wants to come to skylight, feel free. please make me happy and get your bitch asses their. we are doing a four song demo that should be ready by one of our shows.

we had two shows last weekend too. one at dougs house were i saw hamilton play and they were freaking amazing. we had another show at FDR skate park. we got their and were not allowed to play at first but the guy let us. doug also wants to say, "FUCK SUB ZERO!"

we might be going on tour with this day forward on august 22 through the 28. it should be fun but it might be hell too. if anyone can help, please, HELP US OUT!

i just want to thank shaw & greg for driving to the FDR show and shaw for being the holder of ROGER. al for having the show at his house. the nice old lady i talked to in jersey on route 73. MAD SHOUT OUT going to pete for doing the other web site too.

- Bob