July 30, 1999...

well, it seems as if the news comes whenever i want to do it. we had two shows on july 24 and both were played very good. our first show was 331 somerset with the assistant, these days away, neil perry, carilse, the cable car theory, and try fail try. that show was awesome. the assistant had members of some great bands like, you and i, linus, & bound. very very good. with a female vocalist along with tom playing guiatr and adding back ups, this band will be freaking huge. lots of soft stuff but once the insanity kicks in, watch out! after neil perry played, we had to leave to go to our other show. i caught three songs from carilse and they were awesome. they were on tour from florida and played with lots of emotion. now as we were driving to our second show of the day, a cop pulled me over and i got a ticket for speeding. i didnt have to pay anything cause i told him that i was in a rock band. so that was very very cool. we get to our show an hour and a half later and hung out with joe from with immortality. what a great band. AWESOME DEATH GROWLS as well. an awesome band to see live. we get to play finally after a very long night. we played six songs for the kids of south philly and they went nuts.

thanx to tom and joe for hooking us up with shows. thanx peter for hooking up our page again. we now have sounds so you can hear our sorry asses.

we should have a demo coming out anytime now and shirts by the fall. graham is doing our layout for the demo and our shirts so that should be done in a couple of weeks and the designs should be up.

we are still planning a winter tour and if you can help us out, please do.

if you check out the other news and see that we were going to plan a tour in august, that was a true till the rest of the band could not pull it off. we were supposed to record but again, we couldnt pull it off. so, the band seems to be staying in one spot for a while.

- Bob