June 27, 1999...

Yestarday we had a show up in Moosic, Pa and I think it went really good. There was probably about twenty people all together. That was including the bands and girlfriends in the crowd. They seemed to like our sound. We played five songs and then got out of there fast. Doug had to be in work and I had a graduation party to attend. We might be recording after our July 17 show at St. Ephrems and then we will have four songs and will be selling demos at all of our shows. Cool! After we write two more songs, we are going back to record for a split 7" with Fall on Deaf Years. This split should be out in October sometime. It is really far away but it is totally worth it.

We are planning on touring with This Day Forward and Fall on Deaf Years during Christams break. We will be leaving December 26 and coming back January 2. We will be home with our families on December 31 to celebrate the New Year. Finally, I want thank JD of Audience of One for helping us out with the show on on June 26. If it was not for him, we would of not be able to play. Thanx.

- Bob