a life once lost news

March 31, 2000...

Well, it has been a while but finally I am getting around to doing this. We have been really busy since the last time this news section has been updated. Playing shows here, playing shows there. It has been fun. Anyway, here we go...

We have been playing every other weekend for about two months now. The shows have been really fun and we have made a ton of friends all over the place. We played with Zao, God Forbid, One King Down, and a bunch of other bands in the last two months. The shows coming up are even better! Shai Hulud, Torn Apart & Minneapolis Festival, I cannot wait for either show.

We have been busy writing for our full length that will come out on a label that we have not decided on as of yet. Engine will not be doing anything for a while. We have some comps coming out and a split 7" with Crowpath that should be coming out in the Fall of 2000. We are recording five songs I believe on April 22 & 23. It should be fun.

Vadim has been updating the thoughts page often, check out what he has to say because he is a good guy. One of the nicest people I have met in a long time. He has to be himself and when he is and not the person trying to show off, he was of the coolest friends I have ever had. Thanks man.

I am talking to my friends about two different things that both relate with me. One is relationships and the other is trust. It is so weird but both of these things have such a great deal of balance in my life. It is almost impossible to explain. Here, this is what I am trying to say...

I was hooking up with this very cute girl for a week or so. All of the sudden when I thought things were going good, it ended. She stopped calling me, never returned my phone calls. That was it, one week. I was really upset but then sat back and thought about it. I really started to hate her, how could someone do this to me and get away with it. Then I thought deeper into my sick and twisted mind, I did this to every girl I was ever with. Every girl! WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. I hate the fact that this happened but I cannot hide it. I see myself in her eyes and it is just driving me insane. I see the same person that could have anyone I wanted in her. She knows that and he just kills me that I was that way before. Our new song is about her. "Joan Said Please".

Trust is something so hard to come by. Someone lets all their guards drop as if they can trust someone and then BAAM. It happens all the time and now by best friend is going through it. Why be with someone you cannot trust totally. It will ruin you. Relationship and friendship will be no more with this person. Trust is something not in looks but in the person. You have to get to know them and open up when you feel the time is right. Be careful cause trust is something that should not be played with.

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you at a show.

Robert Meadows.

- Bob.