a life once lost news

November 25, 1999...

Well folks, it has been a while since the last update on the news page. I am going to try and due it whenever I get some free time but I have been busy with lots of stuff lately.

We have had two shows, I think, since the last update. We had a show in Marlton, NJ that turned into something very unwanted with the whole band. The situation was killed the following day and we are now ready to take over the world. hahahaha. We played with some great bands but the band who caught my hear was fall on deaf years and pain within. fall on deaf years just played incredible. Very tight I must say. pain within crowd response was awesome and I wish both bands the best of luck with future shows. Just the other night we played a benefit show for the Main Street Theater in Upland, PA. We had so much fun and played awesome. I was sick but it only made my voice deeper and it didn't sound all that bad. I wish it sounded that way all the time.

Engine Recordings will be putting out our full length cd. It should be out in May. We are now looking at up to twelve songs. This should be a good release and we are spending two months for recording. Engine will be making us some shirts that should be available in January of 2000. Visit them at www.enginerecordings.com.

November 27 is our last show till December 19 and our tour with This Day Forward. We are going to spend a lot of time writing some new songs. Maybe two or just one. We cannot press our luck! Our new song is called "Almost Perfect But I Failed". It is about a girl I really liked. I tried everything to get this girl to like me but the harder I tried, the further she pushed herself away from me. It is the story of my life.

We are still looking for a van. We might attend an auction with This Day Forward and see what our luck can bring us. My dad is in the midst of talking to his boss about getting rid of the work van and giving it to us. We will see what comes first.


- Bob.