November 7, 1999...

Hello everyone.

We have had a busy two weeks. We have had a couple of shows since the last time I have written anything. We played on October 29 with Pain Within, With Immoratlity, Fall on Deaf Years, Humanity's Downfall. What an awesome show. Evereyone played great. The 30th, we had a benefit show for a skinhead! What the heck. We played good but it was not worth it at all. Last night we had a show with Resentment, Pool Hall Brawl, With Immoratlity at the Collenbrook Church. It was great. Lots of kids were there and we had a good response. Thanx for everyone (Joe and Jeremy) for singing along. It made me feel good. Thanx to all the kids you bought our demo and hope that you guys like it.

We are happy to say that we will recording soon for a seven or eight song cd coming out on Engine Recordings. Visit the site at Rick is the master mind behind all of this and hopefully things will work out and it should be out by May or June.

The A Life Once Lost, This Day Forward tour is done. These are the dates of the tour:

26th-Wilkes Pa
27th-Albany Ny
28th-New Bedford Mass
29th-Long Island Ny
30th-Levittown Pa

Hopefully everything works out and we all have a fun and safe time. We have two summer tours we are working on and the first one will be with Audience of One and the other band has not been decided on yet for the second tour.

We had patches at our last couple of shows. Finally we are on a roll. This is so much fun now. Going to shows and playing for kids. Thanx to the band and the kids who support us.

We are in the process of getting a van. WOW! We should have it by our Reading show with Diecast. We also have a show with Creation on December 11. They are incredible.

Thanx and thanx to everyone who supports us.

- Bob.