october 22, 1999...

Well boys and girls, a life once lost is going into the faze that was taken by rockstars before them. You know, kinda like KISS. Anyway, nothing is getting done and I am tired of telling them constantly what has to be done. We were supposed to have shirts, stickers, patches, and god knows what other nonsense but I guess everyone is really busy with school and shit.

We have a ton of shows coming up so please check out the show page. The tour is almost done too. Cool.

Uhh, we had three shows this weekend. Friday we played without vadim and it sounded really bad but it was fun. Saturday we played with Neil Perry and The Assistant and Fall on Deaf Years at a surprise party. It was a lot of fun. Sunday we played with Days Away, Snatch, the Polish Mofia, Heinus Anus, Geronimo. A lot of fun this show was.

October 11, 1999...

We had a show this weekend that went rather good. It would have been good if we would practice but everyone in the band is in the rock star faze! Anyway, This Day Forward, TenFold, Bug Zapper, Womb of Azure, and Heinus Anus played the show.

We have a three way split cd possibly in the works with David's Burning and Fillament. This will be out on Breakeven Records. This is not for sure but a maybe. This Day Forward decided to record for a full length that will be out in the summer.

We have tons of shows thanx to Pat and everyone you wants to hear us, please email me and I will send out a tape as soon as possible.