October 23, 1999...

well folks, a life once lost played a show this weekend with some really great bands. the sound of failure, pain within, five stars for failure, snatch, this day forward and audience of one. audience of one's first show in two months and it showed but the energy was greater then ever. pat "the machine" and myself drove five hours to pick jd up so that this event could take place and it was worth all ten hours we spent in the car. the sound of failure played first and they have to be one of the better bands coming up through our scene. reminds me of born against. but this is our second time we played with them so i am telling you this now, make sure you check them out. pain within played and their music keeps getting better and better. we have a show with these guys this friday and then again on november 20 and i cannot wait to play with them again. five stars for failure played and again, they blew me away. i got a chance to see these guys at SHAW fest 99 and i most saw, wow. they have a seven inch coming out on one day records so that is a must have. snatch played a quick set which was upsetting but the time they played was worth every it. awesome punk rock with a little pop and rock. i have no clue about punk rock but i know these guys rock out with their cocks out! we played a very tight set and i think a lot of kids liked us. this day forward played after us. i have seen better performances from them but it was great cause the killer klowns showed up again. audience of one was simply breathe taking and i must say that 9 4 is the greatest song ever! i cannot wait for the cd to come out.

we have a ton of shows coming up and thanx to pat, we are touring in the winter with this day forward. we are looking at an eleven day tour with audience of one in the summer. uhh, make sure you check out bloodbath for the shows that me and pat are doing.

uhh, good news folks. we have shirts, buttons, patches, stickers, and more three song demos being made right now. the elves went on strike but we got monkeys to make them so they should be ready by october 29 or november 5. shirts are going to be about $5 or $6 and we should have three different designs. stickers will be like 5 for $1 or free with a shirt or cd. the buttons and patches will be free. the patches look awesome and the buttons will be even sicker.

we are in the process of writing another new song. this new song should be ready by november 5 hopefully. keeps your ears open cause this song is the best one by far to date.

Attention Attention. We have a show on November 13 that we need to sell tickets for and they are $10. it sucks but we just want to destroy this place. so please buy one and help us, with immorality and pool hall brawl. help us help kill!

- Bob.