October 6, 1999...

Well, this has been a while but here is the news update. I am going to cut back the news and stop talking about shows that we play. We did have one on September 24 and we played with God Forbid, Arson, Sound of Failure, David's Burning.

We are in the midst of writing two new songs. "graceful & elegant" and "touching her lips with thorns". Graceful & Elegant is about suicide. Touching Her Lips With Thorns is about death. They will be available never! JK. As soon as we get our stuff together and find a label to help us out with this stuff, they will be out. As simple as that.

Pat "The Machine" is our new booking agent. He is also my partner in Bloodbath Productions. Check out the site and sign the message board! He is planning our winter and summer tour's. Good luck with that.

I want to say sorry to the kids in Metox. Good luck with whatever you guys choose to do.

The Van hunt is still on and still, Vadim thinks it is a band idea but we will lynch him before he can tell us what to do. JK. We are discussing everything right now.

That's that.

- Bob