September 21, 1999...

well, we had two shows thes past week. the first one was with bane, drowning man, and diecast. this day forward cancelled colin was stuck in new york at the CMJ music festival. anyway, this show took place during hurricane floyd and the attendance was not all the good. about fifty people all together. we played first and we played our new song called "just before his crucifixion" it is about how when you are torn away from your love, away from everything that means so much to you, you were only torn away from the physical side of love, not love itself. if you wanna know more about it, let me know and i will be more then happy to explain it. but the show went good and we got yet another good response from a lot of kids. our cds were not there cause our manager was stuck inside his house during the storm. diecast was very very good. the drummer had a jazz style of playing the drums. we talked for like an hour afterwards and he told me that he was all these black metal bands before he was in diecast. pretty freaking cool. drowning man then played and they were rather good. they cancelled the show i had set up with them in may but seeing them that day made up for it. bane showed up thirty minutes later and the kids seemed to go nuts for this band. the one guitar player was in barrit and if you dont know who barrit is, then you should be shot in the head! our next show was sunday at the richboro community pride day. we played with metox, humanity's downfall, and tenfold. everyone played very good but some guy shut tenfold down cause he had to move his truck and then some lady shut us down during our set. we played the new song and then why do you make me bleed. metox was standing behind us and while we were playing, they dropped their jaws in amazement and then turned the power off. hahahaha. not even five minutes later, two cops roll up cause a lot of the kids were very upset about the choose the cops and the older people made. i tried talking to the cops but anyone who knows how cops are, they all think they are gods, they are so much better then us all and that is the way the treated me so i treated them like they were so little kids off the street. i almost got arrested in the process. ohh well.

the split cd with this day forward is looking like it will be out after christmas. four brand new songs from each band plus two surprise songs. it should be a great release. it will be out on breakeven records.

so, teardrop records will be releasing their first release in the winter of 2000. the end from canada will be doing a five song cd. this is still on the ropes but looks very promising. there is four masterminds behind this. after we are done with that release, audience of one will be realeasing six new songs and a life once lost will be releasing five new songs in the summer of 2000.

about sun rise will be releasing yet another zine. there is room for twenty poems, essays or stories. contact for any other information.

we are very close in buying a van. my car will not be the camel jockie anymore. it is a navy blue van and i am working out payments for the guy who is selling us the van. it will be called the "the BLOODPATH" in honor of the almighty bloodbath. we will be taking this puppy on tour and all shows for now on.

uhh, we will hopefully have shirts, stickers, and some cool patches for your bags and jackets at our next show. so keep a look out for them so you can get some.

here is where i wanna thank everyone for being so kind to us. tenfold for being great friends. pat and mike for the show. the richboro pigs. all the kids that came out and saw us at either show. thanx.

143 militia lives!

- Bob