september 6, 1999...

well, what can i say? we finished recording and put out about thirty five cd demos. besides giving them to kids to get us shows, we sold about twenty five. wow. we are making about twenty more. maybe forty for the bane show. so come out if you wanna buy one. if there is anything wrong with the cd you bought, email me and i will send you out one. thanx for buying them as well.

we had a show on saturday at the stadium. we played on a stage and it felt like the troc with all the lights. we played with the nids, snatch, tenfold, & disconnected. we played really good. thanx for george in tenfold for getting us the show. thanx fo everyone that came out and supported us.

we had another show sunday with our good friend bj at lawnsedowne friends school. commin correct, mushmouth, chimpt, bobbykork, fire down below and a band that was beaten to a bloody pulp. we played great in front of a huge crowd. tom from snatch sung along with us in a falls river farewell. it sounded very good. i wish we had two singers.

- Bob