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April 11, 2000...

Today is Tuesday, April 11. I am off from work today so I thought I would fill everyone in with the events that happened this weekend...

We played a show Friday in New Jersey that just turned into a bloodbath. I do not know what happened but I know what I saw. Seven kids kicking some kid in the head. Just one kid. Until I found out the story I pushed most of the blame on the seven or eight kids but now I do not know who to believe. I do not want to believe anyone really. But until that point Leave the Lights On and As We Grow played. They both played really really good. WHAT HAPPENED TO AS WE GROW? Metal as fuck! Hahaha. Anyway, keep your eyes on these guys.

Saturday we played in Easton, Pa at the X Fest. Joshua Fit For Battle, Neil Perry, This Day Forward, Inkling, BobbyKork, Hassan Sabbah and the Holy Hand Grenades and a bunch of other bands played. We played first and played rather well. Not one of our better shows but it was good enough. We left and went to to play at Lenape Middle School in Doylestown. We only got the chance to play three songs. Strength For a Reason let us play three so thanks to them. In the Eyes Of also played and if you have not heard them or seen them, your lose!

We are still talking to two labels but as soon as the recording and stuff gets done, I think we will let everyone know. We are recording April 21 through the 26. Hopefully we get everything recorded and mixed. One or two songs will be put up on the page and two songs will be available on Loudnet as well. We are doing a split cd on Set In Stone Records that should be out in December of 2000 or January of 2001 with Crowpath from Sweden. This will be SIS second or third release.

We have some big shows coming up so come out and check us out. We are playing in Pittsburgh with Walls of Jericho, Twelve Tribes, and the Hope Conspiracy in Pittsburgh on April 28 and on April 29 with Grade and Down Foundation in Albany. Our summer tour with the End is almost complete so keep your eyes open for that. We are also doing a short Canadian tour with a band that has not been named as of yet. That tour will happen in August of 2000.

Below is two things i just wrote the other day so read them and let me know what you think. That is it. Thank you.

Yes, I Have Touched An Angel.
I would rather kill myself then make you happy.
It seems not to work though.
As if god was here to listen but he always ended up turning away, not showing his face.
He might be able to do it for me.
When I am sleeping of course.
It would be less painfull for everyone I love.
If they did not see me die in front of them.
Should I say sorry for feeling this way?
It was not your fault that I feel this.
I am so sorry for this.

The Sky Swallows.
These pages are burnt with images of your face.
Lips that stole the words from my mouth with eyes that sealed the night as you closed them when I fell sleep.
I used to hold your hand and brush the hair from your eyes.
Sitting their as the night brought you deeper into its arms.
But now I am the one letting night hold me.
Sometimes I stare at the spot where I thought everything was so calm.
Like staring into your eyes and I fall asleep.

Robert Meadows

April 2, 2000...


We played in Wilkes Barre last night witj Shai Hulud, Dead to the World, Hopewell and someone else. The new band on EVR. Anyway, we opened this show up and this had to be one of our best shows ever. Thanks to Bob for hooking us up with that show and hitting me with a trash can. Also, big thanx do Mike from Dead to the World, what an amazing guy we just happened to meet at the show. Thanks to everyone who came out as well. ALSO, thanks to Pat for getting us the show.

We have some big plans with tours coming up. July 5 through the July 9 we will be traveling around. July 19 through July 30 we are touring with the End from Canada. Pat "the Machine" will be doing this tour. We also might be doing a short tour through Canada with Dead to the World, but this is still in the works.

Thank you.

Robert Meadows

- Bob.

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